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16 Funny Pranks And Magic Tricks

Publicado el 19 mar. 2019 2.398.256 visualizaciones

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Do you like to have fun with friends? Then our today's compilation of funny tricks and pranks will certainly come in handy for you!

• искусственные волосы
• телефон
• желейные мишки
• кипяток
• чашка
• крахмал
• куртка
• толстовка
• плед
• стулья
• соль
• вода
• лизуны
• яйца
• фен
• глиттер
• платок
• бутылка с водой
• спичка
• монета
• конфеты
• коробка
• широкий скотч
• туалетная бумага
• сок с трубочкой

Tobu, Wholm & Blume – Cool

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  • Aryanna Bell
    Aryanna Bell 1 linggo ang nakalipas Make a video at 3:am
  • Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis 1 araw ang nakalipas The salt one is dangerous you could have killed her!!!!!😠
  • Panna Chowdhury
    Panna Chowdhury 3 (na) araw ang nakalipas I already guessed the match and coin trick 🤣😘😇😍😋😛🧐😝🤓😜🤪🤩😎🤨
  • Tania Shabbir
    Tania Shabbir 1 buwan ang nakalipas The funniest scene was a sofa prank
  • Anwar Ali
    Anwar Ali 2 (na) linggo ang nakalipas 4:20 really worked 👍👍
  • Raina Tahashildar
    Raina Tahashildar 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas All the pranks were amazing 🤩
  • dominus xinzhao
    dominus xinzhao 1 buwan ang nakalipas Troom Troom I watch you everyday but when I know that momo challenge .I never watch Troom Troom. Now i watching Troom Troom
  • Driving Soma
    Driving Soma 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas even blossom steals
  • Sabah Hussain
    Sabah Hussain 2 (na) buwan ang nakalipas These pranks are amazing
  • Temperance & Charlotte
    Temperance & Charlotte 1 buwan ang nakalipas me and my friends know little men but my worst nightmare connor used to be my partner and he's short and my friend james says that's making fun of connor everytime i do it
  • Julianna smith
    Julianna smith 1 buwan ang nakalipas for the littlr men you copied vines
  • Driving Soma
    Driving Soma 2 (na) araw ang nakalipas yeh why steal 123 go,s vids make ur own
  • Michelle LavCris
    Michelle LavCris 5 (na) oras ang nakalipas Ya
  • Erika Veronica Samosir
    Erika Veronica Samosir 1 buwan ang nakalipas the woH Him
  • Benziel Rusiana
    Benziel Rusiana 1 buwan ang nakalipas Nice prank😂👌
  • Shyre Mangunay
    Shyre Mangunay 1 buwan ang nakalipas umm hiw about in 6:49 they will notice ur feet or shoes right?
  • PrincessAbigailsWorld
    PrincessAbigailsWorld 1 buwan ang nakalipas Shyre Mangunay I was thinking that
  • Ashley Rosales-Gaming gacha
    Ashley Rosales-Gaming gacha 1 buwan ang nakalipas I know right?
  • Rainbow Flakes
    Rainbow Flakes 1 buwan ang nakalipas They said "if you do it right"
  • Claire Weldon
    Claire Weldon 2 (na) linggo ang nakalipas Pp S
  • Shameera Rasheed
    Shameera Rasheed 1 linggo ang nakalipas Yaa thats right 😐😐
  • Lakshmi Mocherla
    Lakshmi Mocherla 1 buwan ang nakalipas No way they
  • clarisse Pasamba
    clarisse Pasamba 4 (na) linggo ang nakalipas It such a joke im a troom troom lover
  • Sabeen Zoha
    Sabeen Zoha 3 (na) linggo ang nakalipas 6:20 hahaah
  • Mohamed Izyaan
    Mohamed Izyaan 1 buwan ang nakalipas E elect pranks
  • Syed Arif
    Syed Arif 3 (na) linggo ang nakalipas Yes I do