How Do Nurses Fit Into The Healthcare System – Healthcare

Do you think that 5 years or perhaps 20 years from now the demand for nurses in the country will be the same? Looking back in the year 2011 the demand of nurses in our country has been very high that our own country has to outsource foreign nurses. However, as technology and drugs evolved so does the need of nurses. Perhaps 20 years from now our health care system will never need too many nurses as we do today. There will come a time when the roles and the functions of a nurse will be done by robots, machines or health gadgets. These scientific breakthroughs will replace human work of a nurse. There is even a talk of having smartbeds that are able to monitor the blood pressure, heart beat and other important information of the patient, another in-the-making medical technology is a gadget that will automatically dispense appropriate medicine for the patient.The fact that our country is short of qualified nurses the government and the healthcare industry are doing its best to meet the country’s demands. They have come to think that outsourcing nurses from other countries would be the answer. But, with the population’s awareness of the perks and benefits of being a nurse, there is a growing number of citizens studying to be professional nurses. Being able to meet the country’s high demand of nurses will be beneficial for all. Firstly, we all know that the nurses are super stressed out considering that they have to work hard because of the fact that hospitals and other healthcare facilities lack RNs, however, if the numbers of nurses needed are met it would mean that RNs have more time to relax and to rest.Once these smartbeds and other medical healthcare gadgets are introduced into the market and are utilized in the healthcare facilities, more people will definitely be attracted to work in this kind of profession knowing that the RNs are not overworked. If the time will come when no more RNs are needed in the healthcare facilities, the job opportunity of teaching in colleges and universities both online and in local communities will be given importance which simply means that RNs will never have a hard time finding a job.If you are hard working, caring and understanding you can definitely be an RN in less than 2 years. It may sound impossible to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in less than 2 years but with the advent of technology it is now possible to finish a degree in nursing in 2 years or less. How? You can enroll in online nursing degree, there are countless well known universities and colleges that offer online nursing degrees and these degrees can be finished in less than 2-3 years depending on several factors.Before you enroll to a nursing online degree program you have t o be evaluate yourself if this is really the kind of job that you want to take up. Once enrolled, there is no turning back.