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In healthcare industry, new technological advancements are taking place day by day. But, the process of storing data by pen and paper is still being used today. This approach is very true for all sorts of industries, but more so as far as the medical industry is concerned. It is very important for healthcare IT Company to implement technological advancements in their process to survive. In order to support this statement, among all the recent advancements, many medical industries are opting to have Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems in their hospitals, offices and clinics etc.Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software will support your business needs in a number of incredible ways, even with greater patient record privacy. Just by setting some the specific permissions on documents, you are authorized to give access to those users who require viewing that document. Instead of this feature, it allows user to keep track who viewed the document recently or on which date document was modified.Let’s have a look on the some of the below listed benefits of implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems:It is more than worth its monetary value.Assessing patient info is so simple and easy.Quickly get prescriptions to pharmacies.End-of-day reporting activities can be generated directly from the EMR system.Best way to communicate with doctors.Increased productivity through the automation of medical records.Increased revenue through better coding recommendations.EMR helps to reduce expenses such as paper charts, folders and poor documentation.Saves your valuable time slot which ultimately saves your money.Retrieve documents quickly without any hassle.Ensure you with greater patient privacy.Not only it increases profit, but also improved patient care and their satisfaction.EMR software will come with numerous in-built tools that help doctors to make improved and most valuable clinical decisions.It enhances the productivity of organization by automating clinical processes.Decreases the chance of error due to poor doctor’s handwriting.With EMR, all the records kept electronically, by which patients are able to get their results quickly. The best thing is that you can have access to their medical information at any time no matter where you are in the world.Easier means for patient documentation will reduce transcription cost. It allows you to share documents easily with other employees across multiple locations. Ensure you with full safety and back-up support as all the files are retrieved and stored electronically. It will leads to an improved and quick insurance reimbursement.EMR systems lie at the center of any computerized healthcare Information systems and without them other modern technologies such as decision support systems cannot ne effectively integrated and implemented into routine clinical workflow. In this race, Prohealthware provides a reliable and efficient EMR solution to keep electronic health records in a managed format for various practices. Prohealthware offers only HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Record Software solutions developed by Health level 7 certified developers. The approach of storing data electronically, replaces the tasks of pulling and filling patient charts manually.